"Pink Clouds for Mayor Palmieri"
Downtown Utica Development Association, Art in the Windows
Devereaux Street, Utica (June - July 2013) 

"You may recall Ty Marshal’s “Pink Clouds for Mayor Palmieri, display with the bold words, “UTICA DESERVES BETTER” capitalized among an array of pretty pink clouds, American flags and portrait of Mayor Palmieri himself featured in the beautiful display windows of an abandoned downtown building – that is now used as a food bank for vets.  (Artist Ty Marshal actually ran himself for the mayor of the village of Solvay, a suburb of Syracuse.)  When asked about this installation, North stated “I’ve actually never met Mr. Marshall, and a few of the Project-U artists were concerned about the public thinking that this was some sort of conspiracy against Mayor Palmieri, so I contacted the artist to learn that he wanted to portray his campaign slogan in multi-colored construction paper, as a reflection of the Mayor’s fundraiser for “Safe Schools”, where he raised close to $50,000." (Abbey Jenkins, Utica Phoenix)

"Pink Clouds, Lipe Art Park"
Mural, Lipe Art Park, W. Fayette St. Syracuse (2012-2013) 

(above photo: anatoli photograffi

(above photo: Sarah Heppel Photography)

"9 Pink Clouds for Utica with Mickey and the Queen"
Genesee St. Utica, NY, Downtown Utica Development Association, Art in the Windows (2012)

"13 Pink Clouds in a Factory (2012)"
On the set of 'Adult World'
(Treehouse Pictures, directed by Scott Coffey. 
Starring John Cusack, Emma Roberts, Evan Peters)
Gear Factory, Geddes St. Syracuse, NY

Pink Clouds with Frying Egg (Video, 2012)

"Pink Clouds Upon the Banks of the Wallkill River"
New Paltz, NY (2007)