"Multi-media artist Ty Marshal revels in ironic juxtapositions. For instance, one of his recent paintings, "Chic Osama," depicts a menacing Osama bin Laden overlaid with four pretty pink clouds. Marshal does the same with notorious North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. When living some time ago in the Southwest, Marshal was inspired by what he called "the mountains of colorful clouds that Arizona possesses." They began appearing in his drawings. He has continued to place them in the backgrounds of his drawings and paintings ever since. "I decided to focus on them as foreground objects," he said. "This is how we’ve gotten to ’Ty Marshal’s Pink Clouds.’" 
(Russ Tarby, Syracuse City Eagle, 2008)


Pink Cloud  Osama (2007)
Pink Clouds Ya'll (2007
Pink Cloud Jong Il (2008)
Pink Cloud Benedict XVI (2008),  
Pink Cloud El Comandante 2008), 
H.M. Pink Clouds (2012), 
Pink Clouds for Franc (2012)